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SoundSpace [ enter ]

This is my final project for DFAR 451. Its 3D environment filled with sound-emitting objects. Using the arrow keys, you can navigate around and explore the soundscape of the space. Read the description and then try it out.
Quote from a user: "It's very zen." [ enter ]

Paper Friend [ enter ]

This was a class project where I had to start with some non-digital media and convert it into digital interactive media. It's a bit dark. [ enter ]

Lindsay's Face Game [ enter ]

Designed for DFAR 350 in Fall 2001. Click around, you'll figure it out. [ enter ]

Under Pressure [ enter ]

This is a short story told using photos and minimal text made for DFAR 350 in Fall 2001. I like it. [ enter ]


Barkin to the Beat [ enter ]

I made a cheap song - 20 minutes using a symthesizer - and then added the sounds of dogs squealing and barking on top of it. My friend then wandered around downtown Montreal posing as someone from MuchMusic (or some equivalent), playing the song people and recording their reactions. This is the result (the band Cake did something like this for one of their music videos.)
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Written in Stone [ enter ]

When you visit this page from an ip-address that has never visited it before, you are presented with a text box. Entering something into the text-box and submitting writes your text "in stone". Then, for the rest of eternity, whenever someone visits the page from your ip, they will see what you wrote. You have one shot - use it well.
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Uncalled For Improv [ enter ]

Uncalled For is a Montreal-based improvised theatre troup. They regularily do shows on and around the island of montreal. I am the site designer, and do their updates.
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Cow vs Cow [ self-extracting : download ]

This is a two-player game that a friend and I made for our openGL class. You are a cow and you have to steal as much hay from the surrounding farms as possible. Read the INTRODUCTION.txt file before playing. [ self-extracting : download ]